Human Design Profiles

Human Design Profiles tell a lot about your personality archetypes as well as what you’re here to do in this life. It tells a lot about you.

Human Design

There are 12 different Human Design Profiles each made up of 2 Human Design Profile Lines. Your HD Profile will look like a fraction (6/2, 1/3, etc.) with the first number signifying your Conscious Personality. This is something that you are mentally aware of and it’s the way that you see yourself. The second number is your Unconscious Body which runs in the background so it’s not something you are fully aware of but may be familiar to you. This is how others see you.

Each of the Profiles may have either Personal Karma, Transpersonal Karma or for one rare profile, a Fixed Fate (which I’ll be sharing directly on that profiles description- head to 4/1 if you want to learn about it).

Personal Karma means in this lifetime, your karma is to help others learn new things through your own personal life experiences. So your personal destiny is to explore the truth, research, be open to innocence and explore new areas of life without prejudice then experience it all for yourself. It is when you share your personal discoveries based on what you’ve experienced that others in the world begin learning new things.

Transpersonal Karma means in this lifetime, your karma involves other people. You have the potential to alter other people and their life through interaction. The role you have in other people’s lives is directly related to your karmic connection and value.

Here is a short overview of all 12 Human Design Profiles. If you want to explore the Profile Lines you may read about them HERE.

1/3 Investigator/Martyr

This profile is all about self-growth and learning, being the foundation of all the other profiles. You are here to investigate so you need time and space to experiment and research things. You are here to understand if something is right or not. Your third line will make sure of that. It will help you to find a guide who can help you organize your expertise so you can share it to others. You see the truth yet understand that the trust is subjective and is something that continues to change.

Karma: Personal

1/4 Investigator/Opportunist

This profile means that you are good at learning and you are always actively reseraching but you are also good at turning and dispensing it as wisdom that can help others. It is important for you to have a close network and this community will be those who are willing to hear your wisdom and benefit from it, too. You find yourself easily becoming an authority in your community. Something that can help you thrive is finding a mentor that you can learn from and work with.

Karma: Personal

2/4 Hermit/Opportunist

This profile has a natural push and pull with the line 2 wanting to be alone to process and the line 4 wanting to connect and share with others. This is natural though because you will be called out when you are ready to be called out by your community. You care deeply but resist getting in too deep. Finding a balance through a safe space where you can learn and process in your unique way can help you. It is helpful as well for you to receive feedback from others (through your networking) because this allows you to see yourself more clearly.

Karma: Personal

2/5 Hermit/Heretic

This profile is similar to the 2/4 because you consciously want to hermit but you still find yourself being called out to share your talents though in a different way. They come to you for help to solve their problems. Remember though to only take on challenges that you are equipped to solve and leave the savior complex behind. Allow for space to hermit and cultivate your gifts because your wisdom doesn’t come from solving these problems but from being alone in your Line 2 wisdom.

Karma: Personal

3/5 Martyr/Heretic

This profile is still very much an experimental and experiential being but because of the Line 5 others see you as a savior which makes it hard for your Line 3. Remember though that people are not meant to learn from you but with you. So, don’t be afraid to call people out or be muck-deep in their mess. Draw your wisdom and strength from your experiences and trust that you are amazing at solving problems in the unique way only you know how.

Karma: Personal

3/6 Martyr/Role Model

This profile has its first 30 years as a 3/3 (Line 6 behaves like a Line 3 during phase 1) and so it’s a continuous journey of trial and error and exprimentation as you learn about what works by learning what doesn’t. It’s a tough spot because others don’t always perceive a 3/3 life kindly. But once you are “on the roof,” (approximately 28-32 years old) it begins to shift into a natural push and pull energy of wanting to explore and experiment yet also needing the quiet alone time to process. Both are easy spaces for you to be in being comfortable both in perfection and imperfection.

Karma: Personal

4/1 Opportunist/Investigator

This profile is a rare profile because there’s so much contradiction in its two lines. You have the friendly people-loving Line 4 and the introverted occasionally insecure Line 1. You will research and investigate whatever you love and be able to share it to your community. You are here to be the bridge between the first six profiles (above) and the last five (below). You have the ability to impact a wide variety of people but also like to get to the bottom of things tending to see things as black and white.

Karma: Fixed Fate

Think of this life as a bonus life for you where you don’t have as much karma that drives you to either help others grow or drives you deep into your own self-growth. This means that you can do either of these two or both, following whichever you are called to. Whenever you feel lost either in direction or passion though, you may focus on your Sun personality gate (top right box on your chart).

4/6 Opportunist/Role Model

This profile is focused on the synthesis and sharing of wisdom. In fact you grow and move forward on your own life path as you share your wisdom to others. Take note though that for your first 30 years you will act as a 4/3 going through life networking and experimenting as you experience life. Focus on sharing wisdom from your heart and be open to trusting others more as you cultivate your relationships with your close friends and family and allow more opportunities to come through.

Karma: Personal

5/1 Heretic/Investigator

This profile has people often expecting and wanting you to solve their problems even though they don’t understand how much work it takes for you to do it. Make sure to only take on problems that you are confident you can solve successfully. Allow your Line 1 to research and investigate to provide you with what your 5th line needs to help others. See yourself as an authority and validate yourself and the depth of your knowledge.

Karma: Transpersonal

5/2 Heretic/Hermit

This profile thrives best when you are able to self-motivate yourself instead of relying on others to motivate you. You do this by being fully immersed in life and then engaging with it through your innate wisdom and/or unique talents. You tend to stay in hermit mode even though people are watching you and calling you out so it’s important for you to identify what your unique and innate talent and/or wisdom is. Others will not be able to recognize it and you unless you do so yourself and share it with them.

Karma: Transpersonal

6/2 Role Model/Hermit

This profile goes through 3 life phases (see more about the Line 6 on this post) through the 6th line and is someone who is naturally wise, designed to be a trusted leader of the world. You are naturally good at going deep into thinking and that’s where you should be focusing. You will always be called out for your natural gifts and innate talents so ask yourself what kind of role model you wanted to have growing up and become that role model for yourself. Avoid micro-managing others and getting caught up in trivialities.

Karma: Transpersonal

6/3 Role Model/Martyr

This profile feels like you are constantly, eternally searching for something. You spend the first 30 years as a 3/3 similar to the 3/6 profile and again this first 30 years is full of trial and errors, adventure and experimentation. You may feel more unstable and chaotic that the 3/6 being the last profile before the 1/3 so expect your Line 3 to always pull you to explore and experiment. Remember to enjoy the ride. Your life is a constant adventure and you will always be reaching for something bigger and better which can be a good thing unless you get stuck in feeling like you never have enough. You are fun, old soul full of wisdom, not shying away from responsibilities.

Karma: Transpersonal

Me, I am a 6/2 in Human Design. Being a Line 6 is something that I’ve always been conscious of but haven’t been able to have the words to explain and understand until Human Design. I’ve always known even as a child that I had a mission to do and I’m grateful to be able to have found that before I’m “off the roof.” (Who knows though I’ve a long ways of in Phase 2 and I can’t wait to be surprised with what comes through in the next few years!)

This is why I believe it’s Divine Timing that I personally am doing this work on myself and being able to help others through it.

As a collective we have been in a 1st line era. But we have been energetically shifting collectively as we move into 2027 (the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix) which will be a 6th line era for the planet. It will be the time for Line 6s to take the spotlight and show the rest of the world their unique perspective and guide them into this new energy.

I’m not waiting until then though, I’m here to help prepare you for that.

If you are ready to begin working on aligning the energy of your life and business to your design, send me an email at connect@tetzagustin.com and let’s talk about how I can help and support you.

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