Human Design Profile Lines

Human Design Profiles tell a lot about your personality archetypes as well as what you’re here to do in this life. It tells a lot about you.

Human Design

There are 12 different Human Design Profiles each made up of 2 Human Design Profile Lines. Your HD Profile will look like a fraction (6/2, 1/3, etc.) with the first number signifying your Conscious Personality. This is something that you are mentally aware of and it’s the way that you see yourself. The second number is your Unconscious Body which runs in the background so it’s not something you are fully aware of but may be familiar to you. This is how others see you.

Below I will be walking you through an overview of each Profile Line. Have fun putting them together.

Line 1: The Investigator

In Quantum Human Design™©Karen Curry Parker, we call this line The Resource.

Being a Line 1 means having a traditional learning style where you like having all the facts. You are curious and driven to learn and understand why things are the way they are. In fact you need to understand first and have all the data you need before you can do anything. You are introspective. You may feel like you lack knowledge and are unable to move forward and transition in this discomfort. You then need to be connected to information to feel grounded. Remember, that you are here to build the foundation of knowledge for others’ safety and security.

Line 2: The Hermit

In Quantum Human Design™©Karen Curry Parker, we call this line The Responder.

Being a Line 2 means you have an innate knowledge and understanding of things. You learn best when you spend time alone (in a space you feel safe to just be) as you process your wisdom in the unique way that it works for you (playing is at the top of those ways!) without other people interfering. When you are alone and “hermiting”, you are building up energy and when that’s enough an energy vortex is created where you emit a signal to others to call you out because you are ready to be called out. In fact, you are designed to be called out.

You are also a projected line, which means that others may project ideas onto you and call you out. It feels so uncomfortable for Line 2s to be pressured to explain what you know. Remember that you are meant to simply be integrating knowledge, energy and wisdom and wait until others are ready to call you out and share it with them.

Line 3: The Martyr

In Quantum Human Design™©Karen Curry Parker, we call this line The Explorer.

Being a Line 3 means you learn best through experimentation. Through your process of trial and error you learn what works by learning what doesn’t work. There’s no such thing as failure then for you nor are there mistakes. You are here to be an expert at what works based on experience. Being expected to get something right at first try then brings you great discomfort. Remember though that you are here to explore and experience what is possible and then share it to others.

Line 4: The Opportunist

In Quantum Human Design™©Karen Curry Parker, we call this line The Stabilizer.

Being a Line 4 means that you thrive best when you have meaningful and close relationships with other people. You’re a natural networker and is amazing at connecting with others. You build your foundations through relationships and find that opportunities to share your gifts come through people you are connected with. You often struggle in limbo and don’t like to make changes until you know what you’re moving into. You need stability and to know what’s next so you move from one foundation to the next (again building it through your relationships). Remember that it is your job to lay the foundation of community and the path of sharing of ideas.

Line 5: The Heretic

In Quantum Human Design™©Karen Curry Parker, we call this line The Visionary Leader.

Being a Line 5 means that you thrive best when you can step in and solve a problem in way that is totally out-of-the-box. Your energy has the potential for healing but since you live in a projected field (being a projected line), you carry a karmic mirror in your energy field. People around you look at this mirror and in this reflection or projection they will see through you what they need to be able to heal themselves. But most people are not going to be aware that they are seeing themselves in this reflection so you will have expectations projected onto you. Sometimes these may be negative projections so it is important to remember to not be doing anything people are accusing you of having done. Reserve your wisdom for helping people who you aren’t closely connected with. Take on challenges you feel equipped to solve and then take the time to rest and recharge.

Line 6: The Role Model

In Quantum Human Design™©Karen Curry Parker, we call this line The Adept.

Being a Line 6 means that you have a tri-phasic life cycle, a 3-stage life process where you are able to unlock more wisdom over time. The first phase is from birth to approximately about 30 years old (can last until 35-38yo). During this phase you go through a 3rd line phase where you are highly experiential and experimental, outdoing the 3rd line. You explore the wrong jobs, the wrong relationships, go on adventures and learn about the world through every way possible through your experiences.

Your second phase, called being “on the roof” begins approximately from 28 to 58 years old (until your Chiron Return). This is a time of healing. You retreat from the world and synthesize everything that you’ve learned during the first phase. During this time you do the needed inner work to heal and you watch and learn from others as well as yourself. It’s not always easy being in this phase because it’s suddenly a different energy and Line 6s have in them this innate feeling of being here on a mission even though you may not always know what that is. Remember that this phase is all about preparing yourself for the energy of the third phase.

Lastly, the third phase, which we call being “off the roof”, approximately around age 48-52 during your Chiron Return, where you may emerge as a role model showing others what it means to be in alignment with your authentic self looks like. This is the purpose of the sixth line. But if you don’t heal from your second phase then it’s likely that everything falls apart. So remember to make sure to heal and transform your early life experiences into wisdom so you can emerge fully later on into the world and share all that wisdom by quietly showing others how to live.

Personally, I am a 6/2 in Human Design. Being a Line 6 is something that I’ve always been conscious of but haven’t been able to have the words to explain and understand until Human Design. I’ve always known even as a child that I had a mission to do and I’m grateful to be able to have found that before I’m “off the roof.” (Who knows though I’ve a long ways of in Phase 2 and I can’t wait to be surprised with what comes through in the next few years!)

This is why I believe it’s Divine Timing that I personally am doing this work on myself and being able to help others through it.

As a collective we have been in a 1st line era. But we have been energetically shifting collectively as we move into 2027 (the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix) which will be a 6th line era for the planet. It will be the time for Line 6s to take the spotlight and show the rest of the world their unique perspective and guide them into this new energy.

I’m not waiting until then though, I’m here to help prepare you for that.

If you are ready to begin working on aligning the energy of your life and business to your design, send me an email at connect@tetzagustin.com and let’s talk about how I can help and support you.

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