What is Human Design?

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're either a fan of personality tests or an Astrology enthusiast.

Human Design

You may already be familiar with your "Type" and been sharing Human Design memes on social media, mostly because you feel seen.

I first heard about Human Design from a former coach of mine. It was in one of her social media posts and I, being both a fan of personality tests and astrology thought to check it out so I'd have something to comment in this post asking for my "type."

As is common with most, seeing my chart and the bodygraph in all its glory blew my mind. Not because of how amazing it is but because it felt too complicated a system to even bother.

I was already a certified-Enneagram coach by this time, so trust me when I say I feel you. This system can be complicated. But it can also be beautiful.

But what IS Human Design?

Human Design is a system that shows you who you are before the world told you who you should be. At least, that's my go-to explanation of it. It's a synthesis of ancient philosophies and teachings like Astrology, the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah, the Chinese I'Ching, and the Hindu Chakra System along with modern sciences like Quantum Physics and Genetics. So truly, it's not anything brand-new.

There are many interpretations of this system out there so as all of us are human, make sure to allow yourself to be your own authority. Which is one of the many things Human Design can show you how to.

On my end, I made sure to take a course on Traditional Human Design as well as certify in Quantum Human Design™ by Karen Curry Parker, who is a former student of Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design. (More about QHD on another post but essentially it's Human Design but with more positive, more empowering language.)

Ra Uru Hu, formerly a man named Alan Krakower went through an unusual mystical experience from which Human Design was born. After more than 25 years of developing and teaching it come to know it as the science of differentiation built on the premise that each of us, regardless of having the same birth info (even twins have some differences in their charts!) are different and will live our designs differently.

Most people feel "a sense of relief when they understand their design," which is something that Ra hoped for and I believe the system doesn't fail to make a reality.

I personally have always felt shamed and muted for the things about me that makes me different but Human Design has made me feel seen and validated. A lot of my clients have told me this as well.

Some will say you use your Human Design chart as your blueprint of what you should become.

I remind you that your design is who you truly are. You may have just forgotten about it, didn't believe it, or was told not to be it for a number of reasons.

What can Human Design do for me?

In my now-retired Soulprint™ Experiment Membership, which began in April 2021, I showed my clients how to go on a self-exploration, followed by a self-healing, and then self-expression journey.

Through their unique Human Design energy codes, they have learned how to improve parent themselves especially if they have some inner child wounds they still carry up to today. Parents of young children also have learned how they can be better parents for their children. Just like how each of us are different, so are our children, and there is more than one way to be a parent they need as they are growing up.

Human Design has taught them to improve their relationships and show them more than one way to show someone that they are loved. We each need different things to feel loved and we can find those also through our unique design. They learn to apply this not just in their personal life but also in business as they build their team and scale their biz up.

Another way to leverage your unique design is by working through your money mindset, where your blocks are that are preventing you from receiving what you desire and how you may be blocking energy (money) from coming in. The members also learn how to uniquely manifest according to their unique design and how to put that all together to create more abundance.

Your unique design shows you your true life and soul purpose and what you need to support you in making this happen. It shows you your unique messaging and way of communication. My clients and I have gone through all this in the Membership as well as how to synthesize all the information they've become aware of and apply it to their life and business.

Human Design can also give you codes to improve your well-being: how you are designed to take in, retain information and learn; which kind of environment you will be most nourished in; even codes in digesting food; how you are uniquely motivated and how you are best designed to share your unique perspective.

I mean, I could go on but I'd probably lose you with how much awesomeness this system can help you with.

It can get overwhelming real fast so my advice is to resist the urge to go down the rabbit hole. Take it slow. Start with a one nugget, one code and start living it first. Once you've embodied it, then you can go ahead and continue on your experiment.

The magic of this system is in living it. If you just want a bunch of information about yourself, then sure you can explore this but don't expect anything to change for you. You need to be embodying your design if you truly want the magic to happen.

So, where do I start?

Most will tell you to begin by downloading your chart.

I am telling you to begin by making the decision to choose you and to allow this system to show you what else is possible. That perhaps, through this system, you may be able to rewrite your story, one that has limitless possibilities full of ease and joy.

Once you've said yes, go ahead and get a copy of your chart. There are many places where you can get it like Jovian

 and My Bodygraph but go-to site will always be Genetic Matrix because they've done a lot of research and work into making sure the time differences are in the up and up.

You will need: 1- Your Exact Birth Date, 2- Your Exact Birth Time and 3- the City and Country of your birth.

If you don't have your exact birth time, you can check your birth certificate, the hospital or town records, ask your parents or whoever was present during your birth or work with an astrologer who does birth chart rectification and who can help you figure it out based on life events or use a birth time rectification app like this one.

It's important to work with the exact birth time because there are planets that move more often than others and this can influence which gates (those are the numbers you'll see on your chart) or channels (colored pathways that connect two colored in numbers like a bridge on your chart) become activated in your chart that can also change your type or authority.

Once you have your chart, I recommend you begin by learning more about your type and your unique strategy. You can do that by reading through this article HERE.

Please, please, please do not allow your design to box you in and limit you.

This is not its purpose nor is it to make you feel like you aren't enough.You are perfect as you are in your own design. No design is better than another, it is simply different from each other.

You are valuable simply because you exist.If you want a live reading of your Human Design Chart, you can book a 1 on 1 session with me HERE. This can also be a session where you can learn how to apply your design in more practical ways both in your life and/or your business. I'll be sending you a short questionnaire to help focus the session and help you maximize your time with me.

You may also want a written reading of your Human Design Chart, in which case you can purchase a Human Design Blueprint where you will receive your unique codes in a custom-PDF format that you can go back to anytime. This is also the perfect gift for your loved ones. Many clients also choose to have Blueprints for their partners and their children.

There's the Soulprint® to Soul-based Success Program, too if you're ready to go deeper in leveraging your design to create your own 6-steps to 6-figures that's aligned and anchored to the life you love. It's a 12-week group program that takes you from integrating your soul's purpose into your branding to aligning your brand message, content pillars and creating your offers to your energetic design all the way to going deep into your core wounding, fears, and money mindset, too.

Drop your Human Design Type below in the comments! I'm a Manifesting Generator!