Introducing your Priori-Threes™

Do you know what’s truly important to you?

Human Design

You spend your days running around like a headless chicken ticking things off your never-ending list.

You are giving your all in everything you do. Always giving 100% when you can because that’s just the person you are. You don’t half ass things.

When a challenge comes in you don’t sweep it under the rug but make sure you address it.

Something comes up in your personal life? You’ve got it covered.

Something comes up in your business? You’ve got it covered.

Or at least you think you do.

Just because you’re getting things done doesn’t mean moving the needle towards your goals.

It doesn’t mean that you are supporting what’s truly important to you.

Say your personal well-being is at the top of your list, do you think putting out fires successfully contributes to that? Not if it leaves you burned out. Not if it has you sacrificing your health to make it happen.

If I ask you today, what are the top three things that are the most important for you, would you be able to answer it without hesitation?

Fact: Not everything is created equal.

That’s just the reality of it.

When you treat everything like they are on the same level, you begin disconnecting yourself from what truly matters.

Suddenly, instead of anchoring your energy into your priorities, your effort is scattered perhaps even into things that don’t support those priorities.

You may not realize it.

You’ve been working hard on making your business successful. Doing all the things, the coaching, the programs. You place your all in this so you can have the financial stability that will allow you to travel and see places that make your heart sing.

You get the money but don’t have the energy to travel. In fact, your business isn’t even structured to allow you to step away and take time off to explore the world.

But that’s your biggest desire – traveling.

See the irony? 

Everyday you spend your energy on things that don’t support your desires when you should only be giving your power to the things that do.

That’s my gift to you when you work with me. I help you have the clarity of what’s truly important to you that you’re not willing to compromise and would do anything for, and we only work with a plan and action steps with the clear intention of  supporting your priorities in a way that works for who you are.

Life is like an unpredictable train that can get derailed at any moment.

We all know that. If the past pandemic years have taught us, it’s that.

Yet we still like to believe that as long as we are putting in the work and doing something that we’re working towards the direction of our goals.

That everything you do with the intention of working towards a goal brings you closer to that goal.

That’s utter bullshit.

You can work your ass off and still not be any closer to your goal.

Why? Because –

1- You have zero clarity on what’s important to you. You may have a million of them too many to mention.

2- You may know what’s non-negotiable for you but you have no idea which actions actually support it and which ones take away from it.

3- You have your own shit that keeps you away and disconnected from it and no one to call you out and keep you on track and connected.

So now it’s not just life in general that’s the train but so are YOU.

The question now is: are you going to get on the right track for you or risk derailment?

Your Priori-Threes™ have to be crystal-fucking clear, and you have to know how to anchor and align everything on it.

This is something that happens in a Clarity Call with me which you can book HERE whenever you’re ready.

To get started off though, here are two questions you can begin working on:

  1. What is 1 thing you cannot absolutely risk compromising or losing in your personal life? This can be a human being/s like yourself/your partner/your child, a state of mind or life like joy, peace, excitement, or something more tangible like money, traveling or books.

  2. How is your personal life and your business perhaps compromising this 1 thing? What is 1 thing you can do to align it so it doesn’t?

The power of a good coaching session is in being asked the right questions to have awareness of the problem, the clarity to truly see the situation and to be able to then build your next steps or an aligned action plan moving forward catalyzed by this session.

Whenever you’re ready, I’m here to help you do just that. Otherwise, I hope these questions get you started!