Human Design Inner Authority

Follow your intuition. That’s such a common saying or considered advice by most but we commonly think of “intuition” as this single sixth sense. In reality though, through the lens of Human Design, there are different kinds of intuition– different Authorities that depend on the software that’s used.

Human Design

There are certain elements that depend on when they’re defined (colored in) in a chart will influence the way that your unique Strategy behaves or how a Strategy is implemented. It influences the timing of how or when to inform or act.

Remember though that your Strategy will always be the same and will always take precedence over Authority. Strategy always remains the same. Strategy will always be key.

Below are the different types of Human Design Authorities in order of hierarchy:

Emotional Authority

This is a tricky one to navigate. All Types except for Reflectors can have Emotional Authority.

Having Emotional Authority means you need time (rather than how you make decisions it’s when). You need to wait until you are cool, calm and collected and then tap into your Secondary Authority to make a decision. (To find your Secondary Authority, check out your defined Centers in order of the hierarchy on this list. For more on this, check out this Authority Masterclass.)

For smaller day to day stuff, you may defer to using your Secondary Authority. For example, if you are an Emotional Generator, you may use your Sacral to decide on which food to order for dinner.

The Defined Solar Plexus has innate waves of emotional energy that fluctuate between high and low. This is why you need time to get clarity before making a decision.

The most important thing is that your answer should stay the same no matter what your mood is or all throughout the emotional wave.

One thing I help my clients with is determining their unique wave and then having them chart and track their emotions as part of our Authority embodiment exercise.

Sacral Authority

The Sacral Center (Your Centers are the shapes on your bodygraph. Think of yourself as a company and the Centers as different departments in charge of your energy.) is always respondindg to life and saying “yes” or “no” to everything that crosses your path.

It’s YES because there’s excitement versus NO because there’s lack of excitement which you feel physically or more internally.

When making decisions, tune into your Sacral Center to see if you’re really drawn to something. If the excitement on a gut level is a “hell yes!” then go for it and if it doesn’t excite you on a gut level and more “meh” then don’t go for it.

It’s really one of the easiest Authorities to follow, we can just get too much in our head that it gets in the way of listening and following the Sacral.

Tip: Ask binary questions (yes/no, either/or) to give your Sacral something to respond to.

Splenic Authority

The Spleen Center is the center for instinct, survival, health, and timing. It can give you a clear signal of fear but can also give fear-based responses to trauma.

It can give you a gut level of feeling regarding what’s the right thing to do (smaller decisions). It’s that instant voice speaking to you in the moment. It tells you what is right/healthy or not in the moment but can also give open-ended guidance.

It can be a clear inner voice (with specific direction/instruction) but can also be a feeling. This Authority is all about fostering a relationship with your instincts (or what we traditionally refer to when we talk about intuition) and trusting and honoring those instinctual nudges even if they’re not logical.

Ego-Manifested or Heart Authority

The heart knows what it wants and nothing can get in the way of getting it. That’s what Ego-manifested or Heart Authority is all about.

It’s about asking yourself, “Is my heart in this?”.

Having this kind of Authority means you are designed to make decisions purely based on if you “selfishly” want to do, have and/or pursue something or not.

Ask yourself these questions: “Do I want it? Am I motivated by it? What does my heart desire?” If you feel motivated, driven or passionate about whatever it is then go for it. If your heart’s not in it then it is

G-Center Authority/Self-Projected Authority

Having a G-Center Authority means having a strong sense of who you are and where you’re going in life.

Deep inner-knowing is often hard for you to access unless you hear yourself talk it out. If you try to process in your head, you end up getting lost in your thoughts.

Speak out loud on a topic/decision until you get the aha! moment where you have clarity on what the next step is but remember that you don’t need others’ input or opinions. You just need to talk things out (either to yourself or a sounding board person) to get the clarity within yourself.

Mental Authority

Having a Mental Authority means you have any combination of a defined (colored in) Throat, Ajna and/or Crown Centers.

Having Mental Authority means looking at the information in front of you and making logical decisions. You are the type of person who don’t necessarily have an intuitive/emotional sense of what is right for you. This is because you are designed to look at the data/information around you and figure out what’s the most logical sense for you to do.

Remember that it’s all about what makes logical sense for YOU not what others say is correct or logical. Look for where there’s a need for something or what you think will work and use that to inform your decisions.

Lunar Authority

Reflectors are the only type who has Lunar or No Authority. This is because your energy and perspective shifts with the moon as it passes through each of the 64 gates during a lunar cycle.

For small day to day decisions, go with whatever sounds best for you at the moment.

For bigger decisions, wait up to one lunar cycle (28 days) until you have the clarity you are looking for. As your energy shifts with the transits of the moon, you’ll see things differently throughout the month and you will have more data and/or more insight to help you make your decision. This is why knowing your lunar cycle is very helpful for you.

Following your intuition then can look different for each person (depends on the software– the Human Design Center that is used by that person based on her design).

Awareness of what your unique intuition looks like is a game-changer.

Practice your unique Strategy (based on your Energy Type), then couple with your Inner Authority. Start small building up to bigger decisions.

Your goal is to allow it to become second-nature for you until you have a higher awareness + a unique perspective that only you can see.

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